Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NASPE Standard 6: Professionalism

Physical education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.

Element 6.3: Demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the professional ethics of highly qualified teachers.

Artifact: Field Experience Teacher Evaluations

Date: Summer 2010-Fall 2010


In EDU 256 and EDU 355, a total of 78 hours are spent observing and assisting with and teaching lessons. In EDU 256, the time is divided into thirty hours in the high school and thirty hours in the middle school. In EDU 355 the eighteen hours are spent at the elementary level. At the end of each of these field experiences the host teacher fills out an evaluation form on the assigned students behavior and performance.

My performance evaluations from my host teachers demonstrate that I hold myself to the ethics of a high quality physical educator. I consistently present myself as a true professional in each and every aspect of my teaching.

Presenting oneself in a professional manor is essential for all educators because the children we teacher are so impressionable and our behavior has a true impact on them.

Element 6.1: Demonstrates behaviors that are consistent with the belief that all students can become physically educated individuals.

Artifact: Varsity Letters for Everyone Power Point

Date: Spring 2011


In Foundations and Organizations of Modern Education, I was a member of a team that had to present an idea for the implementation of a new program to a school district. My team created program for students who participated in athletics outside of the school to earn varsity letters. This program included all students within the school district as well as those with disabilities. In our presentation we linked our program to both the New York State and NASPE Learning Standards as well as described the set requirements for the program. We also provided an estimated budget for the program.

In this presentation we explained to the class that all students and not just varsity athletes deserve to earn a varsity letter as long as they put in the time an effort. We included many examples like wheelchair sports or Taekwondo as ways for students to become eligible for a varsity letter. We also provided information about the legislation involving students with disabilities. The concept that all students no matter what ability level can earn a varsity letter was a success.

It is important for physical educators to believe that all students can become physically educated. As teachers we are going to come into contact with students spread over a wide range of ability levels and as true professionals we cannot have a bias against any student for any reason.

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